5 Creative Ways to Use Posters

Even from a distance, that bright red text on a shop window is beckoning you! Bet that is a poster and one that is truly creative! Yes, poster printing will be a success only if the design is attractive and the poster is used or displayed creatively.

Creative Ways to use posters

  1. Incite curiosity in your brand

Design a poster with a single image or word of text and nothing else. Display it in prominent places. This will create a buzz in the market creating a curiosity. Viewers will be excited to decipher what this is all about.

Having captured their attention, follow it up with your campaign or brand message with Company logo and details beneath the same image a few days later.  This will not only satiate the curiosity but leave a memory recall for your brand.

This tactic is best used for new product launches or seasonal campaigns and requires true creativity in poster printing.

  1. Revive your brand

Boost your sagging sales by grabbing attention to your brand using emphatic posters. For this, you need “out-of-the-world” creativity to design arresting posters. The poster printing should be done with high quality and the posters should be positioned in visible areas to create a hype.

  1. Establish your market presence

Print posters in your brand colours. Print them in plenty and get them distributed and pasted at all prominent spots in the market. Hand out A3 Posters to all your stockists and retailers and ask them to display it in their outlets compulsorily. When you enter the market, all one should see would be your posters door-to-door. This creates a sea of your brand colours in the market making your brand presence felt.

The market should be flooded with your posters. so ensure that your poster printing is not only of high quality but cost-effective too.

  1. Display with a difference

Choose outlandish yet eye-catching spots to display your posters. Create your posters with different shapes or designs to capture attention. Be it funny or stunning, your poster must be displayed with a difference to get noticed.

  1. Shout out your social media presence

Your brand may have a website and social media presence. But does anyone know it? Shout it out loud by launching a poster campaign linked to your website. Get leads and likes and more traffic for your website. The next thing you see will be your brand appearing on Page 1 of all engine searches.

  1. Create a “wow” at the trade show

A trade show is the best place to exhibit your posters. Heavy traffic and multiple stalls give you numerous options for exhibiting your posters at the entrance, ticket counter, cafeteria, stalls, exit etc. Gear up your poster printing to make a mark at trade shows and exhibitions.

  1. For deals and discounts

You just cannot do without a poster for a deal or a discount. Yes, creative posters are the best to promote seasonal campaigns with deals or discounts. Get them stuck on shop fronts and watch your sales double by the dozen.

Posters are irreplaceable for marketing and promotion. Perfect your poster or banners and use it creatively to maximize their visibility value.