Features To Look For In Storage Units in Chilliwack

Most people need to rent storage units at some point in their life. This is quite understandable as these units offer convenience and security to put away a variety of things. You have a storage unit for just anything you can name. If you are relocating, or your house is too small for all
the stuff you acquire over time, you should consider mini storage in Chilliwack. However, it is important that you choose a storage facility carefully. Here are some features to look for in a storage unit.


Storage units located near your home or workplace are the most convenient, unless of course you can find distant ones with far superior benefits than the ones located closer to you. A storage facility near your home or place of work makes it easy to reach your items whenever the need
arises. You save yourself the effort and money that could have been used travelling for hours to get to the unit.


Most facilities offer a variety of storage unit sizes. The size you choose should be suitable for the items you are looking to store.If you want mini storage in Chilliwack, there are different unit sizes to choose from. It is also important to take your future requirements into account
when choosing a storage unit. Remember, size determines the cost of these units, so do not choose a very big unit if you are storing just a few small items.


This is an important feature to look for when choosing a storage unit. Most storage facilities today have modern security features, but it will do well to check this out before making your decision. When inspecting the facility, look for security features such as CCTV and burglar alarms, smoke detectors and fire alarms, provision to have your own padlock for added protection and security staff patrolling the facility around the clock.


In all likelihood, storage facilities will offer insurance to customers, but it pays to confirm that the policy covers all important aspects. The insurance should be exhaustive, including protection from perils like explosions, earthquakes, floods, lightning, theft and civil commotion. You should get to know in advance the items not covered by the insurance. It is also important to know how to value your items, and what you need to do in case of a claim.


Climate Control

Sensitive and valuable items require special protection from the elements. Furniture, electronics and antiques need climate control to prevent deterioration and damage in case of long-term storage. Climate controlled storage units maintain the temperature inside at all times, both during winter and summer. Humidity is also maintained within acceptable limits, since excessive humidity is harmful to things like musical instruments, cameras and wooden furniture. Climate
controlled units are definitely more expensive, but preserving your treasures is worth that additional cost.


Duration and size are two essential elements that make up the cost of storage units. Obviously, you might have to spend more if you choose climate controlled units. Compare price from one storage facility to another to get a good deal for your needs.