Fire Protection and Safety Equipment for Businesses in Edmonton

Every business in Edmonton needs at least one or more types of fire protection equipment. Whether your business premises is a small office, a factory or a warehouse, you need to take care of fire alarm repair and provide adequate fire safety tools such as sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers and others to minimize the risk of a fire outbreak. Before you contact a company for a fire sprinkler system in Edmonton, here is a brief description of different kinds of fire safety equipment.

Fire Extinguishers

Every business needs to install one or more fire extinguishers. The quantity and type of fire extinguishers you place in your business premises will depend on its size and the perceived fire risks. To prevent electrical fires, you need a carbon dioxide extinguisher. It is ideal for quenching fires where oils and spirits are used and it preserves delicate materials. For a larger business complex, with multiple fire risks, a foam or powder fire extinguisher will be ideal.

Fire Sprinkler System

A fire sprinkler is an effective type of fire protection equipment that is connected to a water supply system. This system is not only used in the workplace but also in small buildings and homes because of its cost effectiveness. It can be used to control most fires, especially in high rise buildings. The use of the fire sprinkler system in Edmonton has increased in popularity because it protects both underground and multi-story buildings. Some insurance companies also recommend the use of a fire sprinkler system in Edmonton.

Fire sprinklers come in various shapes and sizes. The pre-action system is pre-filled with air and the water is permitted to flow through when a smoke or fire alarm goes off. This kind of system depends on the effectiveness of your fire alarm and it needs to be set up to prevent accidental water discharge due to a false alarm. You need to back it up with a good fire alarm repair service and install it where there will be little or no risk of water damage from accidental sprinkling.

Fire Alarm System

Fire alarms should be installed in each building. They may be powered by the mains or by battery. Visual fire alarms may be used in factories and warehouses because they have an audible alarm and a very bright LED display. After installing them, you must not leave them without checking that they are still functioning well. Test them every week and if any of them is not responding well, call a reliable company that provides fire alarm repair service.
Emergency Lighting

If a fire breaks out in your business complex, there will be a very high possibility that the main power will be cut off either as a safety measure or due to the fire. This means the employees within the building will need emergency lighting to be able to find their way to the fire exit without causing a stampede. Most LED emergency lights will provide illumination for up to 4 hours before they go dim.

Installing this important fire protection equipment will help to safeguard your company if there is a fire. For more information about fire safety, make sure you consult a company that specializes in supplying high quality fire protection equipment.