Freedom Debt Relief Shares Money-Saving Tips for Throwing a Baby Shower

There’s nothing that can spoil the mood of a baby shower celebration is constant worrying about the budget. If you’ve been tasked with planning a baby shower for your sister, best friend, or even yourself, don’t break the bank! Take these tips from Freedom Debt Relief to cut down on the costs of your next baby shower with simple swaps that save money without toning down the fun!Always remember this sage advice from Andrew Housser, founder of Freedom Debt Relief: “Especially when you are struggling with debt or money problems, it can be hard to remember that money is not the most important thing in life.” It is the company and relationships that make a party a success.

Skip the snail mail. Fancy invitations and stationery look nice, but contribute little to the party after they’ve served their purpose. Instead, try using an online service like Post, Paperless, or Evite to send out free personalized invitations via email to share the big news with your guests. Freedom Debt Relief has found that most guests actually prefer this option over a standard paper invitation as well, because they can RSVP with a few simple clicks instead of spending time calling. Using electronic emails will help you save money, time, and frustration when some of your guests inevitably forget to reply!

Hit the kitchen. Freedom Debt Relief has found that the biggest budget-blower that most party planners invest in is a caterer for their event. A simple way to cut costs is to head in the kitchen and do the cooking yourself! Employ the help of a few culinary-minded family members or friends and recreate some of the classic recipes that caterers use to make baby showers memorable.

The easiest way to plan a menu for a baby shower is to base the choices around your theme. For example, if your theme is “a Star is Born,” make your menu full of Hollywood decadence by serving champagne chicken, herb-crusted lamb, or rich and creamy chocolate mousse. You can also take inspiration from the time of day in which your party is being held; for example, one of the most classic baby shower themes is the luxurious brunch featuring eggs Benedict, biscuits and gravy, and mimosas- be sure not to forget the sparkling cider for the guest of honor! Planning a baby shower menu and handling the cooking can be fun and exciting- not to mention saving you up to 40% of your budget.

Unlock your inner florist. Second only to the caterer, florists also have a tendency to be a huge money-drain when planning a baby shower; estimates by Freedom Debt Relief have found that most baby shower planners spend about 20% of their total budgets on flowers for the event. Most of this money isn’t being paid for the flowers themselves, but for the skill of arrangement by the florist and delivery charges. However, keeping costs down by handling the flower arrangements in-house is simpler than most people believe. In order to keep bouquets looking polished, Freedom Debt Relief recommends that first-time florists stick to classic flowers like white lilies and roses and creating single-flower arrangements to give the party a signature look. For an extra touch of elegance and class, head over to your local crafting or glassware store and pick a signature base that goes along with the theme of your party. For example, bouquets in pink or blue mason jars blend effortlessly with a Southern charm themed shower, and a set of roses tied up with a massive red velvet bow is perfect for a winter seasonal party.

Planning a beautiful baby shower doesn’t mean spending a ton of money! What really counts when planning a baby shower on a budget is keeping the guest of honor in mind- what does she like? What are her favorite colors? What types of games would she like to play? You can’t put a price on the most valuable accessory when it comes to a memorable baby shower- your own personality!