Luxury 41,000 feet in the sky: How private jet apps are revolutionising the aviation industry

Wings whirling the gold-hued clouds outside the window while you sip on a Blanton’s single barrel. This majestic experience on a jet can prove to be financially imposing if you hire a private jet every time a business/recreational trip approaches. On the contrary, the aviation industry is birthing companies that offer private jet services with surprisingly low charges. One of these startups, JetSmarter, has even attracted enough investment to be declared a ‘Unicorn’, a startup company valued more than $1 billion.

The trend of cheap private jets was enthused by simple business models of cab companies. UberPool can be considered as an inspiration where a ride can save more than 50% of the original fare. The catch is that you will have to ride with a stranger. This might be uncomfortable for a few, but there are slightly costlier schemes that these startups offer that brandish complete privacy.

Its status as unicorn has helped JetSmarter grow faster along with ‘get big fast’ strategies and innovative approaches. Currently, the company has flown more than 80,000 passengers in the last two years. JetSmarter brings the simplicity of cab companies by employing an app, which can be used to book flights promptly. The app has been installed more than 100,000 times since its launch.

Other than JetSmarter, there’s Victor, VistaJet, Wheels Up, and Surf Air. Majority of these companies lay down a special ‘membership’ that invites customers to enjoy extra services. Like an all-you-can-eat buffet, Surf Air has an unlimited ‘all-you-can-fly’ plan where customers can avail three packages every year for $1,950 each. Wheels Up has a similar structure with a one-time membership of $17,500.

VistaJet boasts of a unique customer plan. This private jet service features a special scheme for customers that allow them to ‘own’ a jet through a bombardier warranty. Customers will be able to call upon their registered aircraft in less than a day. They’ll only be charged for the hours they fly on their ‘personal’ jet.

Sergey Petrossov, the CEO of JetSmarter is aiming to democratize private flying. “We’ve already lowered the entry-level price significantly. It used to be for the ‘.1 per cent,’ not even the 1 per cent. We’ve expanded to the 1 per cent because the entry price is $5,000. That lets people dabble and grow into it.” These private services are slowly being accessible to everyone as some families are using services of private jets for their vacations.