Products and Services for Remote Worksites in Grande Prairie

Remote work-sites are known to pose very unique challenges for drilling as well as construction companies. For instance, it may be difficult to get raw materials, water or other products and services to such a site. However, there are various well-known companies which offer different services for remote work-sites that are meant to ensure that your team arrives at the site prepared and ready to tackle the task at hand to the end.

Products and Services for Remote Work-sites in Grande Prairie

If you are working on a worksite that requires the moving of waste materials, raw materials, huge amounts of water or dust compaction, you will find companies which are able to help. The experts at these companies can quickly and conveniently arrange and deliver whatever you need for your site. Whether you are currently searching for suppliers of the best track carriers or you need help to handle geotechnical work in Grande Prairie, these companies can assist you. In particular, they have specialized in providing:

  1. Dust Compaction, Seismic Drilling and Related ServicesRegardless of the industry you work in, the fact is, you will need assistance from a company that provides safe and efficient services that are related to that particular industry. Luckily, these companies are known to provide a wide range of services that benefit different oilfield and construction companies. Whether you need help in terms of dust compaction, seismic drilling or geotechnical work in Grande Prairie, these companies actually have all it takes to help.
  2. Track CarriersThese companies are renowned for offering their esteemed customers reliable track carrier rentals. They offer crew as well as single cabs which come either with or even without the operators. Furthermore, all of their rentals usually come with water tanks.
  3. Trucking ServicesThese experts have specialized in providing trucking, trucking repairs and many other related services. They have tri-drive decks, fork lifts, winch tractors, as well as tandems, all of which enable them to haul small as well as big things.
  4. Water Hauling ServicesThese companies also have a wide range of machinery and equipment that they use for providing topnotch water hauling services for even the remotest sites. Whether you require potable water, seismic drilling water, rig water or ice road water for your project, these experts are able to meet all of your needs.
  5. Ice Road BuildingThese experts have also specialized in providing topnotch ice road building services. They have a 24-hour hotline which you just need to dial and the work crew will come quickly to construct an ice crossing that you will need in order to safely transport equipment across a frozen body of water. This will give your drivers an easier, safer and cheaper access route to the worksite, as they are able to plow a very clearly marked path with no obstacles. These experts are also renowned for providing topnotch off-road track carrier parts, as well as repairs.

Moreover, they also sell great quality bentonite chips that come in a range of packages to suit your needs. Whether you would like to hire track carriers or need professional help while handling geotechnical work in Grande Prairie, these professionals are able to assist you.