Ski Racks in Vancouver – Your Effective and Economical Skiing Partner

The summer season is officially over in most parts of North America and as we work our way through autumn, it’s high time we started preparing for winter. Not only do you need to purchase a new furnace just to keep your home warm or wear heavy clothes when visiting a friend, but you need to be prepared for inclement weather: all-weather floor mats, ice scrappers, proper fluid for washing your car, snow tires and chains, rubber cargo liners…the list goes on and on. Are you a snowmobiler, skier, or snowboarder? Do you live in a mountainous region, where skiing is just a matter of gathering the skis, putting on the necessary gear, opening the main gate, and becoming one with nature in the blink of an eye? What if You Don’t Live on a Mountain Slope? For those of us living several kilometers from the slopes, you need some serious gear to deliver you, your friends and all their skiing equipment to the great outdoors comfortably and safely.

With the ever increasing price of gas, many skiing enthusiasts have switched to smaller, more economical vehicles. But, this might mean that you can no longer get all your tuning kits, bindings, extra clothes, boots, etc into the truck. If this is the case for you, then you should consider installing a rack on your roof. Roof racks are an incredibly useful invention. Various items can be mounted on them in a very safe and comfortable manner. And it’s not just ski and snowboard equipment that can be carried on these kinds of racks. There are also bike carriers in Vancouver, kayak racks, cargo carriers, ski racks…the list is endless.

However, although the ski carrier is must-have automotive gear for the upcoming skiing and snowboarding season, doing some research before buying one is essential. If you decide to buy a rack, ensure that you choose one that will work on your vehicle. Many modern cars do not have ski racks or have the racks but not the crossbars. Luckily, any company that sells bike carriers in Vancouver will have a variety of racks, including those that can accommodate 4 pairs of skis or one snowboard and those that can accommodate 6 pairs of skis or two snowboards.

Some racks, though a bit expensive, come with locks and can be mounted on just about any car or SUV. If you have a truck, there are special solutions made for you and your gear. If your car is equipped with roof rails, you can purchase customized racks that clamp onto your factory roof rails. In this case, you just need crossbars and your carrier is complete. If your car doesn’t have roof rails, then you’ll have to go for racks that clamp onto the windowsill and a pair or two crossbars. Ski racks have come a long way. They have perhaps improved just as much as skis have over the years. During summer, you can easily remove your carrier so that you can get better gas mileage. You can also leave it on top of your car and simply convert it into a bike or kayak rack.