Top 5 Event Trends to Make Your Brand Stand Out in 2018

The beautiful thing about catching trends in early on is that you can get the most out of them while others are still figuring out how to catch up. In event marketing, trends should never be missed, though your entire marketing strategy should not just be based on trends. As we continue into the year, here are a few trends worth taking advantage of, for more brand uniqueness in 2018:

Contextual booth designs

Billboard-style booths are no longer attractive to brands as they find more value in contextual designs, which are not just beautiful, but also very immersive. This is because current booth attendants are after displays with a “wow” factor, and unless you can provide them with this, you may not have a lot of visitors coming to your booth.

More personalized experiences

The demand for personalization is becoming widespread throughout the tradeshow industry, and those who will survive will be the brands that will develop the ability to deliver a more personalized experience to their visitors. For instance, passive messaging is now becoming obsolete regarding follow-ups and engagement, and more aggressive and more efficient means are being used. Brands are now turning to creating games, encouraging user-generated art and content, and also gamify messages to interact with leads more potently and profoundly during the shows.

A shift toward entertainment

With the right entertainment at your booth, you will always attract crowds. Planners are not afraid to create some noise or to invite various types of entertainers to bring in the crowds to their events. Irrespective of the event you are having, the right entertainment will not just get you additional traffic, but will also ensure they stay longer for your team to interact with them, and collect more leads.

Increased pixel mapping

Big brands are now mesmerizing audiences with great pixel mapping presentations. With the software and advancement in technology, pixel mapping is now more attainable than ever, and it will be common throughout 2018 and beyond. It is a complimentary technology to your tradeshow booth, designed to help you attract and convert more sales leads during the events.