Towing Services in Sussex – Signs That a Company is Reliable

What are the qualities of a good towing company? Do you know how to identify one? My guess is that unless your car’s engine fails in the middle of a busy highway, you don’t give much thought to these questions and their answers. Most of us, especially those driving luxurious sedans that carry heavy warranties, hope that our well-designed tires are immune to punctures and our engines or starter batteries can never fail us. We believe that the only time you’ll need Sussex towing services is when you ram into someone’s bumper or roll into a ditch. Thank God if you’re one of the lucky few who never finds themselves in need of 24-hour roadside assistance! But if you have had more than one experience with towing companies and tow truck drivers, this article is for you. Here are some of the things you need to consider when choosing a company to tow your car or truck:

Testimonials from Previous Customers

When it comes to choosing a company that offers Sussex towing services, you need to first distinguish professional and reliable companies from the here today gone tomorrow ones based on customer reviews. If a towing firm has nothing to boast about but shocking testimonials from real clients, there probably isn’t a reason to go to the next step. There’s nothing as powerful as customer reviews because they can be used to gauge a company’s business ethics and workmanship. But remember that sometimes, testimonials are biased. If the number of negative reviews is very low compared to the number of positive reviews, do not let this thwart you from researching more about the company, or hiring their 24 hour roadside assistance.

Proper licensing, Insurance Coverage and Certification for Drivers

Always ensure that a company that offers Sussex towing services has a genuine practicing license and insurance coverage from a reputable company. Proper licensing proves that a company is a professionally and lawfully-operating business while insurance coverage proves that a company is liable in the case of an accident or damage to the tow truck. Again, you’ll want to hire a qualified and professional tow truck driver. Examples of such certifications include WreckMaster and International Institute of Towing and Recovery (IITR). A certified driver will work with confidence and will be able to answer any and all of your questions.

Monitoring Services

A reliable towing provider should not only provide 24-hour roadside assistance but also 24-hour monitoring services for all towed vehicles. An effective monitoring system deters potential car theft and vandalism. You can rest assured that your vehicle will still be there when it’s time to pick it up. Again, besides monitoring systems, if the truck isn’t equipped with modern navigational systems, it’ll probably provide low quality services. GPS systems might not be necessary, especially for quick or light-duty towing needs, but if you have an expensive vehicle or a towing need that is complex and difficult, you might want to hire a truck with these modern systems.