Get to know Taylor Consulting and Contracting

Taylor Consulting and Contracting is a utility management body which is recognized in the whole nation. It majors in regulated and deregulated utility niches. Through its finding and initiation in 2004, Taylor has worked with thousands of companies, helping them with professional tips on utility management. The companies from different parts of the nation have gained massively from the tricks which are served by the Taylor Consulting and Contracting. The consulting expertise is one of the key qualities that have helped the company gain popularity in the region.

Executive Bios

Karen Tomaine is the one that owns Taylor Consulting and Contracting and has served as the Chief Executive Officer since the inception in 2004. Karen is the one responsible for handling the company’s legal matters, human resources, contract administration, accounting functions and licensing. In 2010, Karen Tomaine was selected in the top 25 women in business in her region, Northeast PA Business. Before finding Taylor, Karen was serving as the labour Attorney with the Department of Army, a position which she diligently served for sixteen years.

Scott Stiner

Scott Stiner is currently the Chief Operating Officer and the President of the Company, a position which he has held since 2006. As the COO, it is the duty of Scott to oversee the operations and sales divisions as they take place within the organization. During his era, Scott has helped the company to develop software that is used in tracking sales. Some of them include Taylor Tracking Database, EnergyAuctions, UtilityModule, and the Interior CRM systems. Scott has worked with several companies before joining Taylor in 2006. The organizations for which he has worked include Penn Fuel Gas, which is a natural gas utility based in South-eastern Pennsylvania. The sales and management department is his area of specialization, and that explains the reason for his great achievements in Taylor.

Stephen King

William E. is the Vice President of the Company and has 20 years of experience in regulated and deregulated energy. He has gained rich experience in several corporate management and business development sales. Before he joined Taylor in 2011, William worked for Strategic Energy as the Vice President and the Director of sales at the AEP. He has great leadership skills which he is using to help Taylor accomplish most of its primary goals and objectives.

 William E. Riordam

William is currently the Vice President of the England Region. He has been with the company since 2009 and is expected to serve even longer. William has actively contributed to the success that is triumphed over by Taylor. He has amazing leadership and innovative skills that he uses in regulating the duties undertaken by the junior workers who are equally highly skilled.

The success of the company is linked with the great minds that are at the top of the pyramid. Taylor Consulting and Contracting relies on technology to issue real energy solutions to clients. It is not by surprise that the company is doing so well being that dedication and creation of rapport with clients are some of the key objectives of the company.