A Guide to Holding a Successful Memorial Service

A memorial service is a great time to honour a loved one. It is not uncommon to schedule memorial services after funeral services have been concluded. They can be held any time from a week to several months after the death.

It is important to get assistance while planning memorial services. The period after the death of your loved one can be a very sad and difficult time and planning will not be a very enjoyable activity. Instead of going it alone, get help from friends and loved ones from the start.

Help for planning memorial services can come from your place of worship. There are usually staff members who offer guidance. Corporate or individual funeral directors who arrange funeral services can also help with this kind of service. If you are planning a grand service, you need to hire an event planner or hire the service of a funeral home to help you handle all the fine details. Here are some of the steps you should take when planning for this type of service.

Decide on the Type of Service You Want to Have

The service can take on various forms and it may be very informal or formal. You will normally hold the service in compliance with the wishes of the person you are honouring and the desires of other family members who are making the decision with you. Religious factors play a vital role here. Popular forms of memorial services include: traditional services held in places of worship, informal celebrations of life that focus on the life, personality and achievements of the dead, or a service combined with a funeral service, sprinkling of ashes or interment.

Pick a Suitable Location

If the service is a traditional or religious one, a place of worship may be the most ideal location. The homes, where funeral services are held, may also serve as a good location. The service may also be held at a crematorium or cemetery immediately after interment. A park could be a great location for a celebration of life service while you can simply choose one of the favourite locations of the deceased for an ash sprinkling service.

Schedule a Time and Date for the Service

Pick a date and time that is suitable for the loved ones of the deceased. Remember to accomodate the needs of those who will travel in from other towns and cities. It is better to schedule this kind of event on a weekend so many people can have enough time to attend. If the services will be held outdoors, make sure you choose a time when there will be good weather.

Make Reservations

If you are holding the service at an indoor location or civic centre, you must make reservations in advance. For other venues like public parks, all you need is to obtain the relevant permits from regulatory authorities. In addition, you may need to make bookings for chairs, a podium and a public address system. All these can be obtained from a local event planning company.

Finally, send notifications to those who are to attend the service stating the date, time and location for the service. You may also choose to make the details public so other people who don’t receive personal invitations can attend.