Factors to Consider When Choosing Event Security Companies in Calgary

If your company or you are into hosting events, then it is important to have a reliable event security company that you can call whenever an event is coming up. If you host events on a regular basis, it is advisable to hire the services of one company for all your Calgary event security needs. While there are many security companies out there to choose from, not all offer quality services. Here are some things to consider when choosing an event security company:

Qualifications of the Guards

Before hiring a potential security company, ensure that the guards are well trained and qualified to handle Calgary event security. Properly qualified, reliable and professional security guards play an essential part in the success of any event, regardless of the size. Ensure that the guards of a security company you are interested in are licensed as this proves their qualification in this industry.


This is another important factor to consider when comparing different event security companies. It is advisable to hire a company that has been offering event security for a number of years. Companies that have experience in dealing with your type of event and the size of crowd you will be hosting will certainly be able to deal with any kind of security issues that might arise. Do not be shy to ask how long a security company you are considering has been in this business. But you also want to confirm that the security personnel that will be taking care of your event have some experience in this business. A company might have been operational for decades, but it might not be a good fit if all the current employees are fresh from training.


Ensure that the security company you hire provides security guards who are able to communicate effectively with the guests. Failure to communicate effectively may lead to misunderstandings, which frequently result in trouble. Adequate and effective communication is also very essential when it comes to evacuation in case of an emergency. If you notice that the guards from a potential security company have trouble communicating, take your search elsewhere.


While this is not a legal requirement, it is a good business practice for a Calgary event security company to have insurance. Because events, whether public or private, have to do with the security company dealing with people, it is always advisable to hire insured security companies. If a company you are interested in is not insured, look somewhere else.

Event Location

Some security companies can only offer their services in particular locations, so it is always good to ask whether a potential company would offer their services in the areas where you will be hosting your event. Do not make assumptions only to be frustrated later on.


Determine how much you are willing to spend on Calgary event security and choose a company that suits your budget. It should be noted that cost might vary from one security firm to another. Therefore, compare cost across several companies to get a good deal.