How to Choose a Dog Daycare in Abbotsford

If you live in Abbotsford and need to go on a business trip for a few days or weeks, you may not want to leave your dog in the hands of neighbours or friends. Choosing a dog daycare in Abbotsford is not a difficult task if you know the right questions to ask and how to check for committed and knowledgeable boarding kennel owners. With the information provided below, you can easily locate a reliable boarding kennel facility. The tips and ideas here also apply to people who want to put their pet in a dog daycare in Aldergrove.

Ask the Right People to Recommend a Good Dog Daycare in Abbotsford

You will locate a high quality boarding kennel faster if you consult the right people. The first and probably the most important person to ask is your dog’s veterinarian. They speak to pet owners every day so they will know where the best kennels are and the ones you should avoid. Also, if you are fond of taking your dog for a walk in the local park, you will meet other dog lovers who can give you recommendations and firsthand experience with pet kennel owners. If you love researching online, you can check popular pet owner forums and websites for more recommendations.

Always Visit and Tour Kennel Facilities

You must take a tour of the facilities at any dog daycare in Aldergrove before you take your pet there for boarding. The kennel should be clean and well lit. Sanitation is vital. So make sure the environment is odour-free, and there is no animal poop or urine around because these can easily lead to the spread of communicable diseases. Also, be sure that the kennel is not overloaded. It should be manned by diligent, friendly and competent attendants. The more attendants there are, the better the attention that your pet will receive.

Know How Good Kennel Staff Should Behave

Kennel staff may not necessarily have formal animal or pet care training but they should be humane, responsive and friendly. Like a good hotel attendant or steward, they should welcome your pet when you bring it in. He or she must be able to take notes about your pet’s dietary, medical or exercise needs. So always look out for commitment to the animals’ welfare which will show in the staff’s attitude and ability to give you information about the dogs in their care.

Look out for Safety Issues

Pay close attention to hazards that could cause injury to your pet. For instance, bent wire, jagged edges and torn fencing all indicate that the staff are not safety conscious. Probe further by asking if your dog will be allowed to play by itself with a chew toy. If the answer is yes, this is a red flag. Also, watch out for collars on the dogs in the kennel. Dogs in a good dog daycare in Aldergrove should not be allowed to wear collars because it can lead to strangulation. In fact, if your dog is frail or elderly, you should look for a vet clinic instead.

Those are some of the important points to note when you are planning to board your dog while you are away on a vacation or business trip. If you follow them, you should be able to quickly locate a good facility where your dog will enjoy proper care and attention.