Ideas for Hosting a Golf Tournament in Edmonton – Getting Started

Golf tournaments in Edmonton are great fundraisers and great ways for companies to get together with other businesses that might be able to work with them for common benefit. These tournaments can be set up as activities that help to strengthen the bonds between colleagues or as ways for youth groups to make money to help them continue operating and help teens and children to find something productive to do.

When looking for ideas for hosting successful golf tournaments you can start the brainstorming part by choosing a location. Contacting local golfers and local golf courses and discussing the likelihood of having a tournament can assist you to decide how well it might go over in your area. If there is not enough interest you may find that hosting a tournament will need a large amount of energy and time that is completely wasted if the tournament is not going to be successful.

Once you have talked to these people and you have decided to go ahead, you will have to advertise so that the community knows of the golf tournament and that you have plenty of golfers showing up. You can put advertisements in the local paper and your local school newsletters as well as at local golf courses. Putting an ad up in an Edmonton golf store might also help in promoting the tournament. Anywhere you anticipate your local golf enthusiasts will come across the ads is a good place to begin. Since golfers visit Edmonton golf stores for clubs and other things, they are likely to see your ad.

You can also put up golf signs around town to publicize your tournament. You can order these in your team colours or any other bright colours and have all the details of the tournament on them. These signs can be placed on roads a few days before the event as a way of drawing attention and directing traffic.

If you choose to have your golf tournament as a fundraiser, you have to come up with a practical fundraising plan. You should have this done beforehand to avoid confusion. Golf tournaments in Edmonton can be very successful fundraisers if planned right and in good time.

Another option rather than a regular tournament is hosting a miniature golf tournament with kids being your golfers instead. This is one of several ideas you can pick out when you are planning a successful golf tournament. Explore as many ideas as possible before making your final decision. Do not limit yourself during the early planning stages, and allow all ideas to be proposed and discussed. After you have all of the ideas on the table you can select the best plan for your tournament. From there, moving forward you should keep your plans focused on the selection you made and don’t bother going back to the brainstorming stage.

Choosing to host a golf tournament can be thrilling and can become an annual happening for you and your group. As yearly events continue they usually pick up more interest so it is possible for you to have more interested golfers in your second or third tournament than you did during the first.