Surveying, Geomatics or Mapping Services Offered in Calgary

Whether you need survey, geomatics or mapping services, you should always enlist the expertise of professionals. Luckily, you can actually find companies which provide such exceptional services targeting different types of clients. Whether you need to survey a construction site, an oil and gas field, a well-site, condo unit or for land development purposes, the professionals at these companies can help. Furthermore, they normally employ some of the most current technologies in the industry, which enables them to achieve the best results.

Surveying, Geomatics or Mapping Services Offered in Calgary

Whether you are in the municipal, construction or oil and gas sectors, you may find yourself handling a project that involves mapping, surveying or even geometrics. If you are in Calgary, you can actually find those companies that are staffed with dedicated teams of experts that can provide you with these services in the most professional way. Whether you require a land development survey or are handling a project that involves topographic surveying in Calgary, these companies can meet your needs. Their services cover:

  1. Construction ProjectsThese experts have a lot of experience in handling surveys involving construction projects. Their surveys usually cover different phases of construction right from the layout up to completion. Ideally, their construction surveys may entail topographical surveys, site specific control surveys, high precision deformation monitoring, grading, pipe locating as well as 3D laser scanning and modeling. They can also provide you with industrial and commercial real property reports, precision layouts as well as volume surveys, among other things.
  2. Oil And Gas Industry Surveys These experts also have a lot of experience in handling oil and gas industry surveys, with their projects including oil sands exploration, horizontal drilling, terminal development, and pipeline projects. The array of survey services they offer cover different phases of exploration as well as development, right from the initial mapping, desktop studies, well-site surveys and final plans to the completion of the project.
  3. Land Development SurveyThese professionals also have a lot of experience in handling land development surveys, which range from the large-scale commercial projects to subdivisions as well as condominium developments. They are known to offer legal surveys, which are needed for land title registration, a critical process that is followed in order to establish the exact location of the real property boundaries as well as man-made and even natural features for government agencies, the public sector as well as private companies.
  4. Mining Industry SurveysThese companies also have very extensive experience in offering multi-disciplinary survey as well as geomatics services for different companies in the mining industry. They can handle projects that entail acquiring aerial photographs, mapping; especially for exploration projects, underground control, construction and production surveys for open pit mines as well as bathymetry surveys for mine development. If you need help with topographic surveying in Calgary, these experts can also assist with this.

These experts also have a lot of experience in providing geomatics and survey services for local, regional as well as national governments and many other associated government organizations. They also offer survey support for different utility projects like major transmission lines. Furthermore, they always employ the most current technologies in this particular industry while adhering to very high professional standards.