The Benefits of Union Membership for Workers in Burnaby

A labour union refers to an organization that acts as an arbitrator between the members and the companies or institutions that employ them. The main objective of a union is to give its members the necessary power to negotiate for better workplaces in Burnaby as well as better employee benefits through collective bargaining. If you are not sure whether or not you should join a union, read on to learn the many benefits you could enjoy from union membership as an employee.

Collective Bargaining

This is the major function of labour unions. Collective bargaining happens when people, such as employees in a company or institution, come together to increase their negotiating power. For instance, one employee might feel that certain measures should be taken by the employer to make the workplace a safer place, but the employee might have restricted power to get the employer to install the new measures. But if the entire labour force is informed of the need for the new measures and together they pressure the employer for installation, there is a greater chance that the employer will comply. Unions bring workers together, which allows the voices of individual employees to be heard and made into goals of the entire union. Unionized employees normally choose representatives to bring their grievances to the attention of the union.

Higher Wages

Another benefit of belonging to a union as an employee is that you enjoy better wages as compared to your colleagues who do not belong to a union. Union workers get more in terms of wages, compared to other workers in similar jobs that are not supported by a union. Besides, union workers are more likely to get regular pay raises. The union (for the workers) is able to bargain with the employer to get into an agreement that sets out clear terms concerning pay and increments.

Better Employee Benefits

Normally, unionized employees are more likely to enjoy better employee benefits compared to those that are non-unionized. That includes health, paid sick leave and retirement accounts. Workers who belong to unions are also likely to enjoy better workplaces in Burnaby than those who are not supported by a union. The union representatives work out these details with the employer as part of the collective bargaining agreement.

Your Representative

Another major benefit of joining a union as a worker is that the union works for you if you have an issue with the employer. If you do not have the support of a union, you have to contact the company’s or institution’s human resource department for help, but you should remember that the department is also part of the company or institution, and not a workers’ representative. If you have an issue with your employer and you are having the union represent you, you have a better chance of getting a favourable outcome.

It is clear that there are several benefits you will enjoy by becoming a union worker. While some people might discourage you from joining a union, you are safer in the workplace and you will enjoy better employee benefits when you have the support of a union.