Tips to Reduce Risks When buying Used Semi-Trucks in Chilliwack

If you are looking to expand your fleet or just get a truck for personal use, a used semi-truck can prove to be an excellent way to cut on costs and still get the efficiency you are after. Used semi-trucks in Chilliwack that have been maintained well over the years can provide you with great service for a significant number of miles.

But here is the thing, not all used semi-trucks are perfect for sale. Some end up proving to be a liability rather than a cost-saving asset. Like any used car purchase you need to perform a
thorough inspection when purchasing used semi-trucks in Kamloops. Be on the look-out for warning signs staring you right in the face to reduce the risk involved in buying used vehicles.

The vehicle documentation

You should never buy used semi-trucks Kamloops without performing a search via the public records on the VIN. This will provide you with information on the truck’s traffic record and accident history. Performing this search will keep you from purchasing a truck with a
shaky past. It also will keep you from purchasing stolen, used semi-trucks in Chilliwack.

The Vehicle’s Condition

Tires will tell you a lot about how the truck has been treated by its owner. Are the tires worn out or are they recently replaced? If they are recently replaced, was this done at the same time? Were
the replacements from the same brand? If the tires were treated great, there are high chances that the truck is in overall great condition as well.


Check for rust anywhere on the body of the truck. Do not be one of those people who forget to check under the hood. Signs of rust on your truck will mean that the semi-truck will need some significant amount of bodywork depending on the extent of the rust. Additionally, the presence
of rust also means that the previous owner was not too keen taking care of the vehicle.

Window and door seals

You should always check the window and door seals. Check the quality of these seals. If they are poor, the quality of the semi-truck’s aerodynamics optimization will be significantly reduced. This will translate to a considerable increase in costs while on the road. To add salt to injury, there will be some interference with the cabin temperature.

The lights

Before you finalize on the purchase, start the truck and verify that all the lights are working as they should. If they are not, it could be an indication of an underlying electrical issue. It could
also mean that you will end up with used semi-trucks in Kamloops that do not match up to the legal standards.


Well-made trucks will need major repairs and maintenance at about the 750,000 miles mark if it is to continue providing service for heavy duty tasks. Sure there are times when you can get a fixer upper and it will still be a good deal. But be it as it may, you should always be wary
of high mileage.


There are many ways to kill a rat. You probably have your own list of things you consider and look into before making a purchase. The above listed things are some of the basics that everyone should consider. Disregarding these things could lead to serious repercussions.